Skip uses his genius like a super power, creating technology to defeat the energy devouring Nebublobs. Get your GEEK on and learn cool stuff about the Solar System in Skips in app Astro Lounge.

Skip designed and built his own wormhole generating  space ship.  With it he bends time and space to travel to wherever the Nebublobs are in an instant!

  Skip also invented the Electrically Charged Plasma Containment (ECPC) field to hold the Nebublobs until he sends them back to their own galaxy.  

          Skip has discovered a way to convert the rocks and minerals in special asteroids into a Force Field that protects him from the killing touch of the Blobs and gives his lasers extra power.

Skip can also activate his Force Field manually – but it costs points!

            When he’s not fighting the Nebublobs Skip hangs out in his Astro Lounge, learning everything he can about the Solar System he is working so hard to defend.

       Skip has learned the secret to safely unleashing the awesome powers of the Alien Space Bomb – have you?

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